Mataura Valley Milk: Civil Works

BCL was engaged by SouthRoads as one of their major sub-contractors to help complete the Matura Valley Milk Civil Works contract in Gore, Southland. The work on the Mataura Valley Milk site encompassed all facets of underground service installation. With an initial value of approximately $2.3M, with the addition of mutually agreed additional work. The project started in November 2016 and is due to be completed in July 2018.

The contract included the Installation of new underground storm water, foul sewer, water, power and communication services including:

  • Piped reticulation (1.5km of water, 1.1km of sewer and 1.7km of storm water)
  • Three pumping stations of various sizes
  • 700m of communication ducts and chambers
  • Over 1km of high and low voltage power cables


The project has included installing stormwater pipelines from 225mm diameter to 600mm diameter up to 3m deep including manholes and sumps. BCL has also installed foul sewer pipelines of various sizes and pipe materials, this included laying both foul sewer and stormwater in a combined trench. BCL also installed a stormwater outlet into an existing waterway which required runoff protection during construction, for the duration of the project BCL has not had any significant runoff issues and have helped maintain the silt control measures on site.

BCL installed PE pipe lines for both potable and firefighting purposes with sizes ranging from 63mm diameter to 355mm diameter using our own PE butt and electrofusion welders.  Our highly skilled crew was able to overcome a number of technical issues and provide a fit for purpose system for the client.

Some of the challenges that BCL have overcome include the delay of a pre-cast chamber where we were able to source an alternative without affecting the tight timeframe. Other challenges include having to change our scope of work quickly to allow other contractors access to an area, BCL crews have been able to change focus quickly without losing their quality focus to achieve the outcomes. While the site started out as a greenfields site, it morphed into a very busy site with numerous contractors, it has been a real credit to BCL staff to have been able to maintain productivity while working in with the other site contractors and ensure other contractors have also not been hindered by BCL involvement.  

Mark Simpson was the Contract Manager for this project and has been based on site for the duration of the works; he is very experienced in project management and uses his knowledge and techniques to ensure the works are kept to schedule. This project has been unique in the fact that the forward work schedule can change dramatically and at short notice depending on other requirements on site, Mark was able to manage the resources to meet these changes and where required get more resources to ensure some of the tight deadlines were met.  Mark worked closely with the SouthRoads Contract Manager and the Engineers’ Site Manager to help identify any issues at an early stage and resolve them.

BCL engaged trusted subcontractors and suppliers to help deliver the project objectives, this included fibreglass lining wastewater manholes, trench excavation and supply of materials. BCL took responsibility and applied effective subcontractor management techniques to achieve the outcomes required within the agreed programme and budgets.

Senior staff who are involved include Paul du Mez and Karen McRae on the management or administration side and Steven Bragg and Mark Simpson on delivery. Notable field staff involved in the contract were Paul Reynolds, Barry Colvin, Brett Alcock and Alex Bowmar.

Babbage Consultants engaged South Roads who worked with Bond Contracts Limited to install all of the on-site underground services for the Mataura Valley Milk Project, including Stormwater, Sewer, Electrical Ducting and Waste Water.
They diligently got through their contracted works, understanding the design and prioritising quality. They quickly became the go-to contractor on-site, making themselves available to undertake all of the fiddly on-site civil items that came up. Their crew was well lead by a capable engineer and drain layer, who communicated well and helped to foster a strong enduring relationship based on trust and respect.
Henry Holdaway, Site Manager, Babbage Consultants
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