PowerNet: Spey Street to Findlay Road 33kv upgrade

BCL installed 4200m of new 33kv cable, along with fibre cable installation and pits, from the new Spey Street substation to the Transpower substation in Findlay Road. BCL also assisted Delta Utilities to install cables. The project had a value of around $1.2 million. The installation of the new cables had to be done in a timeframe, between October 2014 and April 2015, and in an order that complimented associated works being carried out by PowerNet and Delta Utilities.

The application of good planning, and close client and business liaison, allowed BCL to complete this project without major disruption to traffic or services. The biggest challenges were keeping commercial operators informed on a regular basis of work intentions and in particular how their access may be affected.

Conditions were complicated by the busy route chosen to place the cables and the need to keep over 700m of trench open at any one time for pulling in cables.  This made it difficult to keep intersections open, provide access to commercial premises and maintain two-way traffic for some stages of the works.  A lot of these problems were minimised by leaving critical intersections open until just prior to cable installation was undertaken and access to commercial premises was maintained through temporary walkways and by only closing off the opposite side of the road. 

BCL applied excellent communication methods and worked closely with PowerNet, Invercargill City Council (ICC), other site contractors and affected property owners and as a result, had no significant issues with affected parties. This contract demonstrates BCL’s competency in the management, construction, and commissioning of new services infrastructure in a complex and high demand environment. These skills and competencies are particularly relevant to the contract being tendered due to the similarities in methodology, the scope of works, traffic management, the presence of underground utilities, and affected parties. The appreciation of public relations and good planning are extremely relevant.

This comes as a credit to all staff involved, particularly senior staff; Paul du Mez (management side) and Steven Bragg (delivery) and notable field staff; Paul Reynolds and Nigel Renton.

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