PowerNet: Trenching Services

Trenching to the installation of new power services and fault repairs. The project has been going from 2009 to present day. BCL perform trenching for the installation of new cables and trenching around existing infrastructure for fault repair, along with earthworks associated with transformer pads, switches and cabinets.

Excavation around live electrical services, which is always the most challenging and dangerous of underground infrastructure has been an ongoing component of this project. BCL perform safe excavations around existing services while safety and quality requirements are very high. BCL have a long track record for safe operations around dangerous infrastructure and over eight years of continuous involvement as the main trenching contractor with PowerNet.

This project requires ongoing maintenance around Invercargill underground and involves a high level of key relationships and local knowledge, along with challenges around traffic management and CBD activity. All work has been performed within budget and this is a result of consistent reasonable pricing.  

The ongoing project has been a real credit to the highly trained BCL workforce, who have met and exceeded their health and safety requirements. A rapid response time has been pivotal in this ongoing project. BCL have dedicated staff responding to the principal and to the public, where needed. There has been excellent communication between the client, consumers and property owners. The longevity of this project, along with the positive feedback that BCL has received, show how responsive BCL is. The absence of BCL generated customer complaints is a credit to the level of communication with the public throughout the project.

Key staff working on this project were Paul du Mez, Steven Bragg, Ken McWilliam and Brendan Martin. Subcontractors that BCL work with on this project are SouthRoads for trench reinstatement and Allied Materials for aggregates.

Hi Steven
Just want to say thanks for your guy’s efforts on the Mersey St underground project.
We had a couple of onsite issues that we hadn’t planned for which required a quick solution. I only had to make a quick phone call to yourself or Nigel on Wednesday and things happened straight away.
We have finished our involvement onsite, so thanks again and looking forward to our next adventure.
Murray Hamilton, Linesman Supervisor, PowerNet
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